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Reform With Sarah

REFORM is a Progressive Pilates method inspired by various types of training & MUSIC (beats based movement ftw). REFORM also offers group Reformer classes, to help meet specific goals and needs. Classes are developed to increase strength & mobility, promote core activation and to work towards optimal postural alignment. (“Text Neck” is the villain in this story.)

Sarah’s mission with REFORM is to inspire people to MOVE their bodies, in whichever way feels best to them. She believes movement should be FUN.

Sarah hopes to inspire a change in the way we view, and feel about movement. She strives to help you you to see movement as a form of self-respect, not a punishment. A new mindset. Instead of “burning off”, let’s focus on building up.

Sarah wants you to leverage movement in a way that makes you feel more & more like yourself. 

Welcome home, Reformers. This wouldn’t have been possible with YOU & your relentless support. I am forever grateful.


For inquiries & questions, please email:

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