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BG Teach
Ben Gerrior

Ben teaches recreational dance classes, such as: Adult Tap, Adult Hip Hop, Boys Hip Hop (ages: 5-8) and Minis Movement (ages: 3-4).

Ben is the owner of BGteach: Dance and Art lessons.  His mission is to teach new skills to others in a safe, engaging, and relaxed atmosphere.

Ben is a certified full-time teacher with a teachable of Visual Arts, having taught both elementary and secondary-aged students within the classroom environment. Ben started dancing when he was 5 and kept it up as an extracurricular all throughout high school and post-secondary. When teaching at the Wellness Hub, Ben’s main goal is for students to enjoy the process of learning a new skill or improving upon old ones. Taking away the idea of perfection and instead focusing on progression is at the foundation of his teaching, while creating an atmosphere that is relaxed, humorous, and engaging. 

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