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Root to Sun Nutrition
Andrea Salvatori

Andrea Salvatori of Root to Sun Nutrition is a Certified Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. Her mission is to provide a supportive nutritional service, leaving clients feeling seen and heard and with tools (food, lifestyle changes and stress management, and supplements) to support and honour their whole unique being to achieve their health and wellness goals. 


Andrea's goal is to help inspire a healthier community by connecting people with real foods, lands and farmers in a way that works best for them. To help strengthen that connection and bring food back to the basics.


She loves connecting with clients face to face, and witnessing them as they move through their health journey. Andrea loves sharing the excitement with clients when they notice changes and watching people's confidence grow in their bodies' natural ability to restore and revive. 


Follow along with Andrea as she grows her practice and keep your eyes open for potential food and health based workshops, introducing more people to the beautiful wild foods in our area in the future! 

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